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"Safety is Everyone's Responsibility"

Drexel Hill Little League's highest priority is the safety of our kids. Prevention is the key to reducing accidents.  We are committed to encouraging and providing a safe environment. In order to succeed we need your commitment to become our Safety Advocates
DHLL actively participates in Little Leagues, "A Safety Awareness Program" (ASAP), whose mission is "to create awareness, through education and information, of the opportunities to provide a safer environment for kids and all participants of Little League Baseball."

We request your assistance, and guidance in making Drexel Hill Little League a great program. If you have any concerns, or suggestions for improvement, please contact the safety director at  [email protected]. We want to hear from you.

Play Hard, Play Safe, Play Ball!

Code of Conduct

We are asking for your support in providing positive role-modeling for our young players. Through baseball, Drexel Hill Little League (“DHLL”) seeks to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of every child that takes part. It is the league’s express goal that every player will be a better citizen and have a greater chance for success in future endeavors, as a result of their Little League experiences. As such, Drexel Hill Little League expects the highest degree of sportsmanship from its members. In keeping with this philosophy, the following Code of Conduct has been adopted to better promote fairness, teamwork, good citizenship, sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect among the members of Drexel Hill Little League. Players will learn these values by the examples they see from those around them, and to this end, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

  • Verbal abuse of an official, coach, player, or spectator, including obscene gestures, will not be tolerated. The offender may be removed from the DHLL fields at the discretion of an umpire or DHLL board member.
  • Baseball is a game of interpretations, and as a result, disputes will occur from time to time. However, it is important that players learn respect. All disputes that are taken up with the umpire will be handled in a civil manner. Only coaches may initiate such discussions with an umpire. The coach(es) will conduct themselves with decorum and once the umpire has made his/her final ruling, the coach(es) will make no further field protest. Off-field protests may be lodged with the Board of Directors per league policy.
  • Coaches will refrain from complaining about perceived bad calls to players and fans.
  • All discussions will be held in conversational tones. Under no circumstances will a coach, fan, or player yell at an umpire, coach, fan, or player. The lone exception to this rule is when a coach or player shouts to another coach or teammate during the course of a play as part of that play.
  • Profanity is expressly forbidden at all times.
  • The use of tobacco products on the DHLL complex is prohibited.
  • I may be asked to leave the property by a coach, league official or umpire. If I am asked to leave the property I will, without hesitation or further altercation. 

Anyone removed from the DHLL Complex must leave all fields and the access roads to the fields. Such persons may NOT remain in the DHLL parking lot. Any infraction of the above rules will result in a report being delivered to the Drexel Hill Little League Board for consideration of further action, as appropriate.

* Abusive behavior on the part of coaches, parents or players may be grounds for forfeiture of the game.

Player Code of Conduct

Play for FUN! 

Work hard to improve your skills. 

Be a team player – get along with your teammates. 

Be on time for practices and games. 

Respect your coach, your teammates, your parents, opponents and officials / umpires. 

Never argue with the officials / umpire’s decision.

Never throw equipment, especially bats

Do not use foul language, throw your equipment, disrespect your teammates, opposing players, parents or anyone within the game or attending the game. Do your best to not let negative feelings or emotions that occur during a baseball game affect your performance (have a short memory, keep playing & having fun).

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